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Home Improvements
Home Improvements That Raise Value

Home Improvements That Raise Value

There are many reasons people want to invest in home improvements. I wanted to make some changes to my home for convenience. At the same time, I wanted to make those improvements to raise the value of my house. So, I thought very carefully about the upgrades that I was going to make. I completed a few and have others that I am planning on for the future. Before I actually did any home remodelling, I did some research to see what options would add value to my home.

Bathroom Remodelling

My bathroom was really outdated. I did not want to completely redo it as it would be too costly. One of the challenges I faced was an oversized bathtub that I had no intention of trying to remove. The solution to this problem was to give it a new look. This was easy to do by re-glazing it. The cost for this was under $500. A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color made a big difference.

My Kitchen

With the success that I had with my bathroom remodel, it inspired me to spruce up my kitchen. Again, I was on a budget, so I didn’t want to do anything too drastic. I started by putting in some recessed lighting. This not only gave the kitchen a modern look, but it also made working in the kitchen much better. My cabinets were in good shape structurally, but they needed a facelift. This took more labor than money. I proceeded to sand them down as they were a brown shade. I gave them a coat of gloss white and added new modern hardware. The last thing I looked at was then matching my splashback to the new color-theme of the kitchen. I was looking at various glass splashbacks that would complement the fresh white of the new cabinets and decided that all the improvements pieced my new kitchen together perfectly. The difference this made was impressive.

Increased Space

Like most older homes, my house just didn’t have enough space. I wanted a getaway room for myself. The only space available for this was my attic. This was an exciting home improvement as I was starting with nothing. I finished the walls in drywall and then painted them white. This was a dark area without much window space. Then I just added accessories and accents that were bright and colorful. This turned out to be ample space for just relaxing and listening to music. It was away from the hub of the activity of the house, so it provided some privacy.

The Basement

I have a finished basement, but it was dark and unappealing. Here I painted the walls in a light color and added some carpeting. I really spent a lot of time on the lighting. These few improvements really paid off. Now when friends come over, we have a place to entertain them.

Time for the Outside

I like to spend as much time outdoors as I can. Some improvements were necessary, so I could get the most from this area. I started with a small backyard porch that had seen better years. I extended this to where it would serve as a great deck for entertaining and enjoying outdoor meals. I had to replace the wood, which was the most significant expense. A dark stain gave it the final touches. I also invested in a canopy so I could enjoy this space when it was raining and also to provide some shade.

General Touch-Ups

Something else I paid attention to was minor repairs. Whenever I was going to add a new coat of paint to an area, I would repair the walls first. This was time-consuming, but it made a big difference to the finished project.

Increased Value

No matter how small the home improvement was that I completed, it increased the house value. This was my intent and always something that I made a priority. Even though I have no present intentions of selling my home, I wanted to increase its value. I also made sure to choose colors when painting that would not become outdated.

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