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How To Beat The Heat This Summer With These 3 Simple Steps

How To Beat The Heat This Summer With These 3 Simple Steps

Summer is officially here, and phew, it’s a hot one! Averaging 30 degrees in parts of the UK and Ireland, we are once again plonked in the middle of a heatwave without warning. Every year the extreme heat sneaks up on us, and every year we are taken by surprise – and most of us are unprepared.

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If you want to know how to beat the heat this summer, you are in the right place. Here are 3 simple tactics to beat the heatwave and stay cool this summer!

  1. Freeze wet tea towels for especially hot days.

Who knew that one of the most effective ways to cool yourself down in the heat is almost completely free? Here is a trick that not many people know: a frozen tea towel. Yes, really. 

Step one: take a few tea towels and soak them thoroughly in water. They should be sopping wet.

Step two: place them in your freezer, as flat as you can. Wait a few hours, three at least.

Step three: When you need to cool down, such as at night time, remove a tea towel from the freezer and wrap it around the back of your neck or place it over your forehead. This will immediately lower your body temperature and help you to feel more comfortable while you work, rest or sleep. 

  1. Organise social gatherings for early or late times, to avoid the hottest part of the day.

One of the biggest mistakes people make during extremely hot weather is to organise social gatherings in the middle of the day. Picnic lunch in the park? Sounds great! Oh, wait – there’s no shade, and it’s thirty one degrees, and now you have major sunburn and a bad headache. Sound familiar?

When you know the heat is going to get intense, make sure to book social gatherings in the evenings, or even the early mornings, to avoid the hottest part of the day. Alternatively, make sure midday activities involve being in the shade or indoors, to avoid the direct midday sun. 

  1. Make a bigger investment, such as air conditioning. 

If you struggle with the heat every single summer, it might be best to make a bigger investment. Then, you know that your investment will be waiting for you each summer, and you won’t have to worry about being prepared. 

Air Conditioning is a fantastic way to equip your home with everything you need to beat the heat. Air conditioning circulates cool air around your home, and can be switched on and off whenever you want. You will never have to lie awake in the sweltering heat again, and can rest assured you will feel cool and comfortable during any future heat waves!

Final Thoughts

Hot weather can be so much fun, but only if you bring reinforcements! These simple steps can help you stay safe and comfortable in the summer sun, and are all tried and true methods that people have used for years. Enjoy your summer of coolness!

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