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Be Kind; It’s Christmas Time

Be Kind; It’s Christmas Time

It’s that magical time of year again where we participate in the tradition of gift giving and drinking way too much mulled wine. Personally, I love Christmas. I was lucky enough to have an incredible experience of it when I was a child, and I still get excited every year. Not all of us are that lucky though. Mr Pie has always hated Christmas, and when he was a child he never had the magic of believing in Santa. He still got gifts, but he always knew that they were from his parents.

Which poses the question and hard debate that you see so frequently on social media: is making your children believe in Father Christmas a good thing or not? Many parents take to social media to beg other parents not to spoil their little ones too much because they can’t afford to do the same thing. While I can totally empathize, it’s got nothing to do with anyone else what I spend on my children, and likewise for other parents.

The way that I’ve always gone about Christmas with Dinky is telling him that Mummy buys all of his presents, and that Santa delivers them while he is sleeping. Not because I want recognition for the gifts I’ve bought (although it is nice when you’re thanked), it’s because if the kids at school got more than he did or even less than he did then he will know that it’s because it’s what I could afford, and not that he didn’t deserve gifts from Santa. It also helps children appreciate the value of money a little more too, as they will know what their parents can and can’t afford to buy for them.

One thing that’s also plaguing my mind this year is all of the people around the world who aren’t going to have such a magical Christmas. Two people that are very close to me are going through hell and back right now and the fact that it’s Christmas makes no difference to the situation. It’s not something I want to air on my blog because it is a very personal matter, but it has got me thinking about how we act around other people without even thinking about what they’re going through.

So if you do one thing this year, make sure that you’re kind to everyone. That includes the homeless man you see on your way to work, or the elderly lady that talks too much on the bus because you never know what they are going through deep down. If you know of someone that’s going to be spending the day alone then invite them over for dinner, or make the effort to visit them on Christmas Day. Nobody should ever feel sad and alone, especially on Christmas Day.

Finally, I hope that everyone has a magical Christmas with their loved ones. Remember to never be disappointed with gifts as they are replaceable and worthless compared to time spent in good company. Cherish every moment with your loved ones and have a very Merry Christmas!

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