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Why Freelancing is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Why Freelancing is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

When we are in school, so many people ask us ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ And 10/10 times we give the generic answers that have been offered to us as the only ‘real’ options for as long as we can remember. The thing is though; you can be more than a doctor, lawyer, teacher or childcare practitioner. In fact, now, there are more options than ever, and the likelihood is – that is going to continue. Freelancers are currently contributing around £199 billion into the economy, and between 2008 and 2016 there was a 43% growth in the number of people who are choosing to freelance over traditional work. Aside from the fact it’s potentially one of the most lucrative and diverse working options now, what are the perks of getting into freelancing?

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You. Can. Work. From. Anywhere.


Oh yes, this has to be the number one perk, doesn’t it? You can work from your bed, your lounge, Starbucks, Costa or Costa Rica. And, because you can work anywhere, you can explore other options regarding shared office spaces. If you are heading to London for the day to get some photographs for your content, you can book a quick meeting with another client and hire an office from LondonOfficeSpace.com. Where ever there is either Wi-Fi or a power point (preferably both) you can set up an office for the day.




What? Well, if you start working at home as say, a graphic designer, but you find you have time to learn a new skill – then do so. But, the caveat is always learn something that you can use in your freelance life. How boring, you might think. Well, consider this:


You have a few steady graphic design clients, one of them asks how you are with building websites, and lately you have been spending hours fixing your own and can do a great job – new skill = more money = more clients = more money.


Or, you are a content writer. You spend 90% of your time writing fantastic content for clients – not yourself. Learn some necessary design skills and start putting your knowledge into eBooks and printables to set up a beautiful little passive earning stream.


The more you can do as a freelancer, the more opportunities you can apply for and be highly confident in your ability to bring some all-around skills to the job.


You Decide


The most significant and most beautiful perk of being a freelancer is you can decide your whole week. You can choose when to take meetings when to take breaks when you want to take on more work – or less. The flexibility it provides is pretty much as many options as you’ll ever need.


However, unlike any ordinary 9-to-5 you will find that you get what you put in, so even though an extra-long nap might sound great, getting a piece of work done brings in the paycheck. Organisation is key. You have the opportunity to design how you work in a way that fits your lifestyle, and that is where freelancing shines.


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