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Better Business: Could You Make Your Fortune in Mobile Gaming Apps?

Better Business: Could You Make Your Fortune in Mobile Gaming Apps?

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Mobile gaming apps might seem like a sweet, simple way to kill a bit of time when you’re at a loose end- you might not have realised what a massive market they are. These apps are big business, and are on the rise all across the globe. In fact, they currently account for almost half of the gaming market which is incredible when you consider how big PC and console gaming is. So if you’re a savvy entrepreneur looking for ideas for fantastic money making businesses then this is definitely one to consider. Here are some of the reasons that mobile gaming apps do so well, and why it’s something you could look to earning some serious money with.

Mobile Gaming Apps Are For Everyone

When it comes to PC or console gaming, it’s usually the hardcore fans that purchase and play these games. You generally need a significant amount of money for the setup as well as the games, as well as a general understanding of what you’re doing. Mobile games on the other hand are accessible to everyone. Almost ninety five percent of people in the US own a smartphone, and all you need to do to play a mobile game is a simple download from the app store. They’re inexpensive or free to get started with, and you don’t need any extra or special equipment. The pick up and play nature of mobile games makes them popular with adults and children alike, plus with celebrities introducing mobile apps they are all appealing to their individual audiences. At some point or another just about everyone has played on a mobile gaming app.

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App Developers Can Monetise Well

In the west we have recently experienced a boom in mobile gaming, and that’s due to practices from the East coming into effect. Take the ‘free to play’ models with microtransactions for example, these have been popular in Asia for a while but game developers over here have realised how well they can monetise them. The free game allows them to reach a lot of people, but then additional transactions can be made if the player wants them. Since these are usually small amounts, they’re not something people think too hard about (as opposed to forking out a large chunk to play a PC or console game). In most games, you have the option to make purchases for things like gold, VIP tokens or the ability to speed up your progress, but the game can still be played without these things for those who don’t want to spend. However most people will make at least a small purchase at some point, which will improve their gameplay experience. This is money in your pocket, as the developer, meaning you can go on to create more and better games while earning yourself a healthy profit in the meantime. You don’t even need to be able to physically design the game yourself, as you can commission an app designer to do this for you and bring your idea to life. Another way to earn money as an app designer is through your website, encourage players to visit your site for things like codes, deals and discounts. You can monetise by putting ads on the site which is additional income for you. Just be sure to use a company that can offer you the right help and support, such as Netstar IT expertise for example. They will be able to advise you on any changes and improvements you can make to do better business.

More Mobile Gaming Apps Are Being Produced

Now that mobile gaming is accounting for such a huge share of the gaming market, it is most likely that we will see more, better quality games being produced. On top of new technologically advanced phones, as a developer you have the perfect platform to appeal to people with games. If you’ve always been the creative type but haven’t been sure how to turn this into cash then this is something that you had perhaps not thought about but is an avenue well worth exploring. As the market keeps expanding, better devices are being brought out and people are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets, you have the potential to reach a massive amount of people and earn plenty of money.

Is app development or gaming something you have ever considered as a way to earn money? Is this something you have ever dipped your toe into before?

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