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Building Up Your Money Pot: Simple Ways to Earn Cash on the Side

It is so hard to earn a decent crust these days. Everybody’s feeling the pinch in light of the pandemic. And this means that we’ve got to start diversifying our financial efforts. Whether you have been considering getting into investing or wondering how you can make money on the side, there’s a lot of things that you can do to build up your money pot. And if you’ve got children that are desperate for extra funds, it’s important to feel that you can genuinely provide for them. So let’s give you some suggestions on how to gradually diversify your finances to build up that all-important money pot.

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Online Market Trading

There are a wide variety of ECN brokers that can help you with this. It might not be a very easy way to make money. Stock markets can be very lucrative as long as you learn how to trade safely. This means you’ve got to take it seriously. There’s a wide variety of platforms out there that can get you started in terms of trading. With a wide variety of practice accounts, you can find numerous trading websites to help you dip your toe into this world. The most important thing to remember is that you have to invest a significant amount upfront if you want to yield massive returns. It’s certainly possible to make small amounts of money. And when you are starting out if you can earn £50 here or £70 there, you should consider this a job well done. The most important thing is to remember how much you can buy with £50 or £70. It can equate to almost a week’s worth of shopping!

Matched Betting

Betting can be risky, but with matched betting, it is without risk. The free offers provided by betting sites through matching them against a “betting exchange,” means that when you use matched betting to bet for and against a certain outcome, the money you invest into it cancels itself out and the free bet becomes yours. It’s simple mathematics, but if you get stuck into this, you can easily earn a few hundred pounds. There are so many different betting sites out there, so there is the potential to earn lots quickly.


When you start to think about earning a little bit of money here and there, it all adds up. This is why the idea of microtasks is so important. There are a wide variety of websites out there that are looking for people to complete a task in the space of 10 minutes or more. Some of these can pay pretty well based on the amount of time it takes. For example, a website like Appen will pay you for completing tasks where you speak into your phone and give voice commands. There are a wide variety of companies that need to gather samples of different accents. If they are looking for accents in your general area, which they very likely are, you can complete these tasks pretty quickly and get paid very shortly afterwards. 

There are a significant amount of ways that you can earn money out there. There’s also doing surveys, selling your old mobile phones, affiliate marketing, and getting paid for searching the web. If you are looking for a lot of methods to earn money, you just have to know where to look.