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Business Trips & Productivity: Here’s Why They’re Compatible

The first business trip you ever go on is incredible. Mixing making money with your passion for travelling is a high note in any nomadic entrepreneur’s life. Finally, the two are feasible and you’re ecstatic. Then, reality hits as you realise business trips aren’t all they are cracked up to be. For one thing, you never get any work done and your jaunt sets you back days.

You can’t stop going on them because you need an international presence to grow and expand. Instead, you need to be productive and here are the hacks that will help.

Split Tasks According To WiFi

Everyone knows that an internet connection is essential to success, which is why business trips suck sometimes. Unless you have a liberal data provider, the chances are you have to rely on free wifi abroad, and it stops you from working. The way to sidestep this issue is to create two to-do lists: one with WiFi and one without. That way, you can use your in-transit time wisely and tick stuff off the latter. Okay, they might not be the most critical jobs in the world but they need completing. What else are you going to do?


Eat Purpose Meals

Here’s an example of a purpose meal: You meet up with an old colleague or a contact and chew the fat over good food and a bottle of wine. Yes, it’s that simple! In short, the phrase means that you need to give every meal a purpose, and you can do that by networking. After all, when a person is enjoying a dish and is a little drunk is the perfect time to talk. They might not agree to proposals, but you’ll have a good time and they’ll remember you. Plus, they might drop a nugget of info. It’s about who you know, not what you know.

Cut Out The Delays

Some delays are inevitable and you can’t get around them; others are man made. Take the baggage reclaim process at the airport as an example. You assume you waste time because the loaders are incompetent, yet you’ll spend valuable minutes searching for your bag. Custom-made luggage tags should keep you on schedule, so check out a supplier and visit them online for productivity’s sake. As soon as you declare everything, it’s best to jump in a cab and arrive at the hotel ASAP. Buses and trains are for travelers who have all day; you don’t.


Splash Out On Flights

The best seats make it possible to work while in the air. Alternatively, you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed without having to waste time sleeping when you land. A business or first-class seat won’t fall in your lap – you’re going to have to splash out for the privilege. The good news is you can use air miles to upgrade, or you can write the money off an expense. It’s worth it for the sake of your output levels.

How do you stay productive on a business trip? Do you have any secrets you want to share?