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Your Holiday Checklist

Your Holiday Checklist

You’ve been saving for months, and you’ve finally booked it. You’re going on holiday soon. You will probably download an app on your phone to count down the days until you go. The excitement building up to a holiday can be immense. 

If can also mean quite a lot of stress and worry though, having lots to prepare before you go can cause a bit of a panic. You’ll always worry that you’ve forgotten something. There is nothing worse than being sat on a plane, way up in the sky, worrying about if you packed your phone charger or toothbrush.

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Make A List

Whether your a list person or not, you should make one. Think about everything, from how you’re getting to the airport, through to if you need visas or vaccinations for the country you’re going. You’ll need travel insurance, and if you plan on driving or doing any kind of sport while you’re out of the country, you’ll need coverage for these things too. 

Take a photo of your passport and keep it on your phone, if anything happens to your passport when you’re away, at least you have your passport number for when you report it missing, and it might help speed up getting a temporary replacement.

Get Things Booked

As far enough in advance, you should apply for any visas that you need. Some can be done instantly online, while others may take weeks to come back or require you to visit the consulate for that country. 

Get your Warrington airport taxi booked in early, while they still have availability for the days that you’re traveling out and back in. 

Book your travel insurance. You might find that your bank offers travel insurance as a benefit of your account. It’s worth checking this out before you go ahead and book. 

Check what your insurance policy covers you for, and make sure you keep a print out of any relevant phone numbers and your policy number, should the worst happen and you need to get their support while you are away. 

Start Shopping

You might need sun-cream, insect repellent, and a travel adapter. Maybe you need new clothing to travel in or a new suitcase. 

Start shopping early to allow yourself time to shop around. If you’re traveling during a peak season, many items will sell out quickly. 


To save on weight, to avoid excess baggage charges, try and use a lightweight, but a sturdy case.

Use a list to mark off everything that you need as it goes into the case. 

Often, rolling items of clothing up can be a way of conserving space inside a case. If there are shoes, try finding things that can be placed inside the shoe too. 

Try and get an early night before you travel, and eat a decent meal before setting off. Travelling can cause you to feel tired and run down. You’ll need to keep your energy levels, particularly if you have a long flight and transfer to your resort.