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Five Threats to Your Business Productivity and How to Deal with Them

Five Threats to Your Business Productivity and How to Deal with Them

In case you would like to make sure your business is running smoothly and want to make the most out of the resources available for you, it is important that you carry out thorough risk assessments to identify potential problems that can impact your continuity. Every business is different and faces various threats, but some of the risks are common in all companies. Find a list of them below to help you put measures in place to prevent productivity issues.

  1. Lack of Employee Motivation

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Happy employees are productive employees. No matter what your industry is, it is important that you invest in your human resources processes and policies, so everyone knows the rules and adheres to them. Motivating employees is challenging in most businesses, and you will have to create a two-way dialogue to find out about your workers’ priorities, needs, and aspirations. From financial rewards to employee perks, there are several ways to improve employee commitment.

  1. Business Process Planning

If your business processes are not planned carefully, you might be wasting time and resources. Do your employees need to wait for parts or supervisor approval, sitting around and doing nothing? You will have to regularly check your workflow to make sure that you are making the most out of your time and resources and are not wasting money on storage, wages, and overtime.

  1. Waste

Waste is an important reason for productivity loss. If you don’t have a quality assurance system in place yet, it might be time to get one designed. Familiarize yourself with Lean principles and look for the waste produced in your company. Waste might not only be materials, but also customer returns, faulty items, and wasted time. If you hire a specific machinery for a week, but you only use it for a day, that is a waste that should be eliminated through careful planning.

  1. Data Loss and IT Problems

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One of the greatest blunders of businesses is data loss. If you fail to back up your information and lose your order and customer details, you will lose more than megabytes. You will have to spend a lot of time restoring files, creating databases, and even doing your accounts. IT problems such as hard drive errors should be dealt with as soon as possible. Look for a reliable IT company based in your area and ask for a yearly or monthly maintenance contract.

  1. Inadequate Training and Knowledge Sharing

You will have to focus on creating value in your company to gain a competitive advantage in your market. Assess your employees’ training and development needs carefully, and make sure they have all the knowledge and tools to do the job. This will not only improve their work, but also your company’s productivity.


Business productivity is an issue all managers should take seriously. It can help you reduce your costs and improve your reputation, customer engagement, and resource planning. Use the above tips to prevent some of the most common reasons for poor business productivity.


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