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How To Avoid A DIY Disaster

How To Avoid A DIY Disaster

Are you planning your next DIY project? No matter whether you are planning on changing the theme of your bedroom or you are going to re-tile your roof, it is important that you don’t let any DIY rookie mistakes shine through. Trust me; I am talking from experience! You think you have everything planned out, until something unexpected comes along and ruins the day. It’s extremely frustrating, but often avoidable. Luckily, you will be able to prevent some of the most common errors by reading on for more details.


  1. Failing to prepare – You know what they say: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It may be a cliché, but it is definitely the truth. Make sure you clean any skirting boards and walls before you start painting, and vacuum instead of sweeping. This is important because any dust floating around will ruin your hard work, as it will stick to the wet paint.
  2. Choosing poor quality materials – You are only as good as your tools. If you work with poor quality materials, how can you expect amazing results? If you are re-tiling your roof, as mentioned in the introduction, go for something that looks stunning and is extremely durable. Slate roof tiles are a great choice. Slate is made from natural stone, boasting a beautiful finish. It is also resistant to chips, breaks, scratches, and cracks.
  3. Underestimating materials – Not only do homeowners often make a mistake when it comes to the quality of the materials they use, but also underestimating the amount of material required is another big problem. Imagine how annoying it is when you find that you are one sheet of wallpaper short and they no longer have the pattern in stock.
  4. Failing to protect surfaces – We have all been there; you decide to paint a cabinet in your living room, and you end up getting paint all over your lovely cream carpet. Nightmare! This is why it is so important to ensure you protect all surfaces whenever carrying out any type of DIY task in any room.
  5. Quick fixes – Quick fixes can be very tempting. After all, we all like things done as quickly and as cheaply as possible. However, the headaches quick fixes can create in the long run aren’t fun at all. Before you carry out any type of DIY work, give it a lot of thought to ensure that no issues will arise later down the line. If you aren’t sure how to do something properly, call in the professionals. From coded welding to electrical projects, sometimes a professional is best.
  6. Not using a spirit level – What use is your new shelf if books or ornaments are sliding off? You may think that all you need is your eyes to determine whether a shelf is straight, but your vision may deceive you. Small margins make a massive difference when it comes to DIY, so it is important to get your hands on a spirit level. 

If you avoid the six mistakes mentioned above, you will find that your next DIY task goes swimmingly!