1. Courtney

    I suffer with anxiety, I know when I am going to have a melt down but I find that chewing gum helps me. It seems to stop my chest feeling as tight, I guess I concentrate on chewing and it forces me to breathe normally 🙂

  2. I have suffered with anxiety for years as well, and I am completely unashamed to say that Zoloft helps me immensely. It is hard, as you say, to get over that initial stigma that comes with psychiatric medication, but it helps so much, and if you deny yourself a treatment that works just because of stigma, you’re only hurting yourself.

    Do your kids have anxiety too? Mine do, and one thing that I find helps with them is the book The Anxiety Cure for Kids by Elizabeth DuPont Spencer. Very creative method.

  3. I love how you give short-term and long-term solutions in here. I definitely agree that distraction can work for a bit – have you heard of the method of grounding? Looking around you and naming five objects you can touch, five objects you can see, etc? Kind of the same concept of distraction. Breathing, walking, all helpful things for me when I’m anxious!

  4. I really love how you give tips for short-term and long-term help for anxiety. I totally agree that distraction can sometimes help. Have you tried the grounding method where you look around where you are and name five things you can touch, five things you can see, five things you can hear? It’s helpful to me sometimes. I also really like the ideas of walking, talking to someone, and BREATHING! It seems so simple but when I’m anxious I’m like barely breathing at all haha! Great post!

  5. ssantoro555

    I have a few friends that have anxiety, one more extreme than the other, but I try my best to help them both through tough times. This is a great post for people to understand that there are ways they can learn to cope! Great job!

  6. I find talking it out with someone you trust to be incredibly therapeutic. Putting words to your feelings can help you differentiate between rational and irrational thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

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