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How To Put A Stop To The Death Of Your Dining Room

How To Put A Stop To The Death Of Your Dining Room

Be honest; how often do you actually use your dining room? If you’re anything like most, you save it for dinner parties and best. The trouble is that occasions like these don’t happen often. Before you know, your special dining space has become an unused hole in your home. 

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You aren’t alone. While they played a staple part in our past, dining rooms are becoming increasingly neglected as we turn to breakfast bars and easy eating. While every meal was once a big occasion, most family eating sessions are now fragmented and rushed, with no place for fine dining.

Still, there’s no reason your dining room needs to die altogether. After all, you’re always going to need somewhere for guests to eat. That’s why, instead of encouraging you to scrap the space, we’ve got some pointers to help you put it to good use again.

Make it open plan

Open plan designs are modern favourites, and they can work wonders for bringing the dining room back into the heart of the family home. This is especially useful if your dining room connects directly to your kitchen, as it will create for a social eating/dining space that’s guaranteed to work well. An open living/diner can have much the same effect, and should certainly see you feeling the urge to use that dining space more than you would if it was behind closed doors.

Invest in multipurpose furniture

Open plan or no, multipurpose furniture is another fantastic option for upping your usage. Think about it; imposing oak pieces that are only meant to impress guests might look good but are you really going to put them to proper use? Instead, you’d be better off with alternatives like a high gloss dining table and chairs that are a whole lot easier to clean and maintain. These options still look fantastic, but your kids can use them for drawing, homework, etc. without fear that they’ll ruin that precious wood forever. Think, too, about large dining room storage units, in which you can store more than just the ‘best’ plates and cutlery that you barely ever need. 

Give yourself more reasons to go there

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While we’re speaking of multipurpose, it’s also worth noting that giving yourself more reasons to go into your dining room in the first place can work wonders. By investing in a lightweight table than you can put to the side when not in use, you can open up any dining room alternative purpose you fancy, from a home office to a playroom that your kids can have a lot of fun in. Simply think about layout and storage solutions to make sure that, when you do need a functional dining room again, it’s easy enough to make it happen.

Experts may be predicting the death of the dining room, but that doesn’t need to be a reality in your home. There’s a lot of life in this design choice yet, and these pointers could be all you need to prove it. 

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