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Road Safe: Tips for Women on a Road Trip

Road Safe: Tips for Women on a Road Trip

If you are planning a road trip, remember that traveling alone can be fairly dangerous. Women especially tend to be perceived as easy targets for muggers and thieves, so you need to be prepared for any possible unpleasant experiences you may encounter.  Here are some of the things you should consider before taking off on a trip on your own.

Make sure your vehicle is in shape

In Australia, checking your car or bike before going on a long road trip is not only a good thing to do, but a necessity. If you live in Sydney CBD or the Inner West, you can call the mobile mechanic from Sydney to come to your home and check your car there, without you having to take it to the workshop garage. This type of service is available in other countries as well. If you don’t want to find yourself stranded with a broken car in the middle of nowhere waiting for help, make sure to do a check-up at least a week before your trip.  

Make sure you are in shape

Before deciding on a two-day hike after a long working period with no serious exercise, you should consider taking it easy. Holiday traveling can sometimes be more exhausting than regular everyday activities. So if you are not in shape for a big adventure, don’t take on it because you won’t have the energy to enjoy it. There are places you can travel to for rest and relaxation in nature without having to climb hundreds of meters. One daily hike around the bottom of your nearest mountain can sometimes be as refreshing as a week-long holiday by the beach.

Mind your hygiene

Sensitive skin or not, sometimes our traveling can take quite a toll on our beauty and health. It matters how you choose to care for your pores and locks, because spending time in hotels and hostels means dealing with soaps and gels that are less than ideal for everyone. That said, make sure you pack your dandruff shampoo to keep your scalp healthy, and always bring a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type.

Sometimes all you need is a single bar of soap made of natural ingredients for your entire body, but do your research and prep your beauty kit in time. Finally, add quality anti-bacterial wet wipes to your list, as they can be your emergency cleansers for those quick stops.  

Make a tour plan

It’s not just a saying that with every minute of planning, you save 10 minutes for your trip. There is a difference between being spontaneous and just running around clueless. Plan your trip so that the places you want to visit are one after the other. This way you can avoid losing time going back and forth without any reason, plus you can save a lot on fuel. Remember that you don’t have to see absolutely everything there is to see. It is not a bad idea to leave out some places in order to visit them the next time you come to the same place.

Pack safe

When you travel alone you are considered an easy mugging target, so make sure you think about protecting your belongings. There are several tips you can follow for best protection. One of them is to have an empty decoy wallet for carrying around in your bag, and stash your money in socks, towels or underwear. Never leave your wallet, laptop, camera or other expensive stuff in your car because it attracts thieves and your car window can easily be broken for this to be stolen. A good idea is also to have a backpack with hidden zippers so that your belongings can be safe behind your back as well.  

Pack light

You don’t need to bring everything with you, only the things you will most definitely use. Pack your clothes so that you have an item ready for any kind of weather, depending on how many days you plan on spending on the road. Rain can be tricky, so try to pack mostly waterproof or easy-drying clothes. Comfortable shoes are a must, so think about comfort before going on a trip with a new pair of shoes you haven’t worn yet. There is also a lot of advice you can find on the internet on how to pack your clothes to take up less space. Some of these tricks are to roll your shirts tight against each other and then roll them all together in a pair of trousers.

Finally, if you don’t have to travel alone – choose not to. Traveling alone isn’t the smartest nor the most enjoyable idea. If you wish to spend some time alone, you should do that in familiar surroundings, as traveling alone to a strange place can be both dangerous and lonely. Find at least one more person to travel with. You will have far fewer concerns and a companion for both good and bad experiences, which you will cherish as valuable memories one day.