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Sleep is the Most Potent Influence on Beauty 

Sleep is the Most Potent Influence on Beauty 

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, when you are faced with your own reflection and don’t look or feel the way you want, closing your eyes might be exactly what you need. We don’t mean ignoring the signs of aging. We are talking about sleep. 

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Getting Better Sleep

Sleep is an important part of your beauty routine, but more on that in a moment. Let’s start with a few tips on how to get the best rest possible, presented below by Miss Pork Pie.

Pain Management

One of the first things you should do is evaluate how you feel when you sleep at night. If you suffer from sleeplessness caused by back pain, for example, you’ll need to figure out the cause since, as Veritas Health’s Spine-Health.com website points out, hurting in your overnight hours can cause non-restorative sleep

While there are many things that can trigger back pain, people, and especially women who’ve recently had a baby, might consider diastasis recti as a potential trigger. Diastasis rehab using the Tupler Technique can help you re-form your core so that your abdominal muscles hold everything in place, which can take the strain off of your spine and back muscles.

Bedroom Tech

Babies are not the only ones that benefit from a little technology in the bedroom when it’s time to snooze. Adults can also turn to gadgets, such as the Amazon Echo or Google Nest to help drown out sounds that keep the brain on high alert. 

Something else to consider, particularly if you live in the city or other area with lots of light: motorized blinds. You can pick these up at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or your local hardware store. Pair these with your smart home hub or connect them to an app on your phone to control when light comes in and when it stays dark and cozy.

Cool and Comfortable

The Sleep Judge asserts that sleeping in a cold room can help you fall asleep faster, boost your metabolism, and regulate melatonin levels. Turn your thermostat down below 67° at night to trigger your body’s natural desire to sleep. You might also consider taking a cool shower before bed, opening the windows during the spring and fall, and changing your bed linens to cotton, which wicks sweat away from the body.

Why Sleep Is So Important

Sleep is crucial to our minds and bodies. Not only does sleep affect the way you look, but the American Academy of Sleep Medicine also says it affects how people judge you. When you suffer from sleep deprivation, your body can’t heal naturally. Your skin may look more wrinkled and any dark circles under your eyes will be amplified. People who do not sleep enough are also more prone to overeating and, just as importantly, being in a bad mood. Sleeping keeps your hormones in check so that you aren’t cranky. If you are looking to snag a partner, your mood, and specifically how you show happiness, may even affect your love life

As adults, we need approximately seven to eight hours of sleep every night for optimal results. If you can’t devote at least that much time in bed, it’s time to re-evaluate your schedule. Even further to the point, if you can’t fall asleep within 15 or 20 minutes or wake continually throughout the night, you should take a look at the things you are doing to promote healthy sleep. When you want to look and feel your very best, follow the tips above. After a few nights of great sleep, you’ll look in the mirror with a smile, and you’ll never look back.

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