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Trendbook 2021: Make Your Own Style Statement

Trendbook 2021: Make Your Own Style Statement

In your everyday life, you may have seen various fashion influencers wearing trending clothes for parties, gym, or even while staying at home. Do you know about the factor that helps these influencers to always look good and charming?. The answer is their imagination and ability to use the resources available to them. They do not spend hundreds of dollars buying new clothes for every occasion. Instead, they use their creative skills to convert simple pieces of clothing into a trend. 

As a matter of fact, you can also upgrade your wardrobe into trending clothes with a little bit of insight into the fashion industry and your visualization.

Get Comfortable 

The first and foremost thing to do is to know what you are comfortable with. There are thousands of clothing options and styles available in the market, but it is not necessary that you are comfortable with each one of those. 

Rather than following a trend, experts at Fabletics suggest discovering your own style that makes you happy and confident about yourself. To look pleasant, you can explore styling and fashion hacks. The easiest way to upgrade your wardrobe is by using your bralette as a crop top, pair your oversized hoodie with gym leggings, use your ballet dress as a top, etc. Just remember to feel secure and relaxed in your outfits. 

Mix And Match 

After discovering your own style, use a mix and match technique to use a single piece of clothing in different ways. It can be using an extra-large t-shirt as a one-piece dress, or to cut your leggings into capris. Think out of the box and play with colors to enhance your wardrobe. 

Go Retro

You must have heard about the phrase history repeats itself. This statement is a hundred percent true in fashion. Never throw away your old clothes thinking that they are out of style. Go retro and turn those attires into fashion trends. Just with a little bit of sewing and thrifting, you can turn your dress into a brand new outfit and can be ready to slay. 


Adding jewelry pieces into your style gives a whole different look to your outfit. If you don’t feel like doing something creative but still want your apparel to give a different vibe, you can simply add a gold chain, pearl necklace, silver bracelet, or earring, and it’ll make you look classy and elegant. You can also use the regular accessory pieces in different ways, such as using a long necklace as a waist accessory, using a bracelet as an anklet, and many more. 

You can also use scarves as an accessory to upgrade your dress. Tying a scarf as a belt for your pants or using it as a headband helps in enhancing the look of your outfit.


Due to covid-19, masks have turned out to be a fashion statement. Masks are crucial for your safety, although, it does not mean that you can’t get creative with them. You can either buy a mask that matches the outfit or you can make one yourself. Adding a matching mask into your outfit adds a whole different appeal to your dress. 

Just go and search in your wardrobe, and you will easily find various items you can use to create your unique style and be a new trendsetter.

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