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Employee Freedom: Taking Self-Service To A Whole New Level

Employee Freedom: Taking Self-Service To A Whole New Level

One could argue that in the past, companies of all shapes and sizes have wanted to keep a very close eye on their employees in almost every manner. Nowadays this has somewhat laxed and there are only some key areas where a vigilant eye is still needed; such as to guard company secrets. However, if you laid forth the steps for employees to have more freedom at work they could end up surprising you. Self-service is one of the strategies that allow you and your employees to become closer together while not having to constantly check up on one another. This is because employees have more control over their own work life and their career. Business owners not only receive more information about their intentions and their desires, but they remove the webbing that is sometimes in between the boss and the worker. There are a number of benefits to your business also, that you should take into account.

A railed and free path

Career planning is something that employees should be given much more control over. This can be done in an ESS (employee self-service) software whereby they can choose from a variety of options regarding tasks. Firstly, know that employees must not be moved from their original tasks and their role. However, when you need a task done that is extra or out of the norm, then you should allow employees from all the departments to have a crack at completing it, either together or by one first come first serve employee. For example, if a marketing employee is done with their task in their department, and a sudden and unexpected task of needing a collected production report to be finished arises and no one in the relevant department is free to do this, allow that marketing employee to try and complete the task. If employees in other departments would like to switch roles or perhaps take on more responsibility in the aim of being promoted, allow this self-service system of career planning to unfold naturally.

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Checking over themselves

The days of employees asking for their payroll is long gone. Even micro businesses no longer practice this as it’s simply a waste of time, manpower and efficiency. With modern solutions like the ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll there’s no need to actually print off physical copies anymore. Instead, employees can login into their account at any time and see how much they are either owed for the hours worked this month or just in general how much they have earned in the previous month altogether. It takes the task of sifting through hundreds of records manually and simply puts everything online and massively improves accessibility. You also have compliance and other reports done for you, so you as a business owner are in-keeping with the law; namely workers rights.

In normal practice, the more small tasks taken out of the hands of the business owner, the better. Employees don’t need a babysitter, instead they should have more control over their own career. Throw out tasks that are unexpected and or need to be done quickly and see who comes out of the water and bites down first.